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Thaliya si Saudi national institution that works in several areas important and vital to the life of the family and society and has the privileges of international agencies that have been operating for more than seventy years. We are working under the new name Desalination for water purification. We put under our eyes the development of work and keep pace with the times in a way that serves the nation from individuals, families, factories and others. We always strive to secure the best capabilities and products that take care of the health of the individual and his family in various stages of dealing with water, which is the backbone of life, from bathing, washing clothes, floors, extensions to homes, swimming pools and other uses of water that are related to all aspects of family life. We do not miss the constant development of all the work cadres. What facilitated the development process was the presence of technicians at a high level of experience and knowledge of the best ways to accomplish the work for our esteemed clients.

The best Saudi companies specialized in water desalination and purification solutions, specializing in drinking systems and washing systems, purification and removal devices, purification of drinking water for factories and homes

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