Job Description

We are looking for a smart Frontend Engineer who can participate in building our next generation interface. You will get a chance to get your hands dirty with our core product working directly with the Leadership and Business. You will also participate in web security, compatibility and experience design.

This involves a lot of collaboration with the engineering and R&D Teams to prioritise and launch new features. You will also play an important role in deployments, product roadmaps and data security.


Minimum of 3 Years relevant experience with JS libraries and ReactJS

Must Have

  • Proficient in  ReactJS and other5modern JS libraries/frameworks
  • Proficient in ES6/7 object oriented JavaScript and architecture and development of Single page web applications.
  • Basic understanding of nodeJS and its package managers like npm and yarn.
  • Proficient in flux pattern based development and libraries build upon it like redux, mobX and its derivative micro frameworks like reduxForm etc.
  • Proficient in Event handling/event driven programming and creating event observers at appropriate abstraction levels.
  • Strong understanding of build tools like web-pack, its configuration, scripting and environment management (dev/test/prod).
  • Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and its frameworks and pre-processors.
  • Should be able to resolve cross browser incompatibilities associates with JS and CSS…
  • Working Knowledge of D3 and similar JS charting libraries

Nice to Have

  • Working knowledge of User Experience Design
  • Working knowledge of REST API design.
  • Working knowledge of responsive design.
  • Good understanding of Web 2.0 and Semantic Web standards.
  • Good understanding of data-structures and algorithms.
  • Ability to understand and balance performance tradeoffs.
  • Experience with programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Python, Node JS
  • Experience in deploying complex systems in AWS
  • Experience with best practices such as A/B testing.

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